Shandong HANPU machinery Co., LTD is located in dezhou city QiHe economic development zone, with 20 years of innovation and development, HANPU now own 62 acres of industrial parks and 30000 square meters production development workshop, imported a large number of high-end processing equipment which were made in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, HANPU become top class Electric Wrench manufacture in China. 

HANPU specializes in the production of electric shear wrench, electric torque wrench, torque and tension calibrator, etc, the products are mainly used in steel structure installation, equipment installation, electric power construction, steel bridge construction, railway construction, automobile assembly and other industries. Over the years, HANPU have served many national landmark projects, products exported overseas, in North America, South America, the Middle East, India, South Korea and other markets have established mature agents or dealers, can provide good after-sales service.

With the development of technology, more and more new technology has been applied to the production, the new process are also inspiring us constantly improve our products, to serve better for nuclear power, wind power, pipelines and other high-end fields more stringent requirements, HANPU has been committed to focus to usage experience, trying to develop small volume, light weight, strong and durable, to make them the most notable features of HANPU brand!

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sales apartment 1: 86-531-88880114, 86-531-83531806


Contact person: Wang Shenwei

sales apartment 2: 86-531-83530061, 13505317496

contact person: Shao Aihua

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Office address: Room 1812, Building A, WANDA Plaza, No. 9, Jingsi Road, Jinan, Shandong, China. 

Factory address: High-tech zone, Qihe, Shandong, China

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