Axial torque meter & axial force meter
Product introduction:
Axial force torque meter is used to detect bolts and calibration tools, and can display two parameters of torque and axial force at the same time.The axial force meter is mainly used to detect the bolt and only displays one parameter of the axial force.
Product features

Introduction: The axial force and torque meter is equipped with touch screen, which can record historical data, and can replace three force value units. The power supply is 110V ~ 220V AC. when using, it needs to cooperate with corresponding tooling to detect each specification of bolts.

      The axial force meter is usually used to detect the axial force of the torsional shear bolt. It is equipped with a digital display screen and can be replaced with three force value units. The power supply is 8 batteries of No.5, which can stand for 6 months continuously. When using, it needs to cooperate with the corresponding tooling to detect each specification of bolt.

Features: the axial force torque meter adopts integrated design, which can effectively save volume and total amount. It can be transported to the current construction site for real-time detection. The high-precision electronic sensor is adopted. Due to its small volume, it is unnecessary to dismantle the sensor when calibrating the instrument, so as to avoid the error caused by assembly.

      The axial force meter is also of integrated design, battery powered, and can be carried to the site. The side is designed with a fixing device, which is convenient for fixing on the steel structure and testing at any time.

Details of the figure

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Dimension drawing

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