Special electric torque wrench for Hanpu subway delivered

Winter and summer, autumn harvest, winter storage, November, autumn rain xiao rest, the wind hunting, colorful colors also gradually yellow and wrinkle, but also can not stop the enthusiasm of Shandong Hanpu delivery, On November 6, Beijing customers ordered 15 sets of Hanpu subway special electric torque wrench delivery.

In the face of inundated production orders, the company's production teams sounded the "assembly call" as early as possible. The processing center, quality inspection department and assembly workshop continuously coordinated and arranged for daily inspection, testing and troubleshooting. To ensure the process of the standard specification, their figure does not stop.

There are many orders, busy production, tight construction period and urgent delivery. This is the production situation in Shandong Hanou recently. Assembly workshop to increase the assembly of this order, to ensure that the company's customer orders completed on time.

Special electric torque spanner for Hanpu subway

• Provides stable and accurate tightening torque, fast speed and high efficiency.

• Compared with similar products, lighter weight, easy to carry.

• Torque in place, automatic stop.

• Extended rod design, improve man-machine efficiency, comfortable operation, reduce workers lumbar muscle strain.

Shandong Hanpu has been adhering to the "attentively service, good faith management, dare to innovate" business philosophy, whether from the appearance design, or performance quality, hanpu with excellent product quality and perfect service, successfully won the affirmation of the domestic and foreign markets, the enterprise's brand influence is increasingly strong. Hanpu staff always full attitude, full cooperation, for each customer orders escort.


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