Method and Principle of bolt fastening

Many  people found it’s  really important to know about the method and principle of bolt tightening, so  the following introduced few points, hope it helps.

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Three  ways of bolt tightening method:

Torque  value tightening: the principle is the torque value have a connection with  tension force. So, this way is the most simple and visual, this is the most  widely used method.

Turn  angle tightening: The rotation angle is roughly proportional to the sum of the  bolt elongation and the loosening of the tightened part. So, the method of  rotate a specified rotation angle can achieve the predetermined goal.   

Yield  point tightening: The theoretical goal is to tighten the bolt to the elastic  range just after the yield limit point, the plastic range, and the bolt  fails.

Bolt  tightening sequence principle

1、Fasten  by middle, back two sides, diagonally, clockwise, and in stages;

2、Can  be separated into 2 steps, first use only 50% of goal torque value, second step  100%.

3、The  nut should left 1-3 screws out of nut.

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