How to twist shear type electric wrench to break the head of clubs

The joint pair form of torsion-shear high-strength bolts is stipulated in GB/T3632-2008: the joint pair includes a screw, a nut and a washer.

Torsion shear type high strength Bolt

Provisions for the installation of high-strength bolts with twisted shear type: high-strength bolts shall be free to enter the holes during installation, and no forcible knocking shall be allowed. When the bolt is not free to Pierce, do not use gas cutting hole reaming, reamer hole, hole repair need to make the plate layer close, in order to prevent the iron chip into the plate seam, after reaming hole to use a grinder to clear hole edge burr, and remove the iron chip.

Tighten the bolt to 60% ~ 80% of the standard shaft force (0i.e., design pretension), and the initial torque value shall not be less than 30% of the final torque value. From the joint stiffness of the direction of the unconstrained free end.

Electric torsional shear wrench mainly end of torsional shear type high strength bolt, its purpose is to put the wobbler torsional shear type high strength bolt can be cut, work aim the spanner head bolt head, pull the switch begins to work, after a few seconds, bolt wobbler will be broken, and then take out a wrench will wobbler pop up to pull the trigger, thus good torsional shear type high strength bolts fastening the.

Diagrams for use of electric shear wrench

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4, strong impact resistance, the use of quality raw materials, durable


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