Hanpu company carries out equipment operation training

In order to enhance the staff's ability to operate the newly introduced equipment and improve the company's production efficiency, recently, Shandong Hanpu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. organized the operation and maintenance of the newly purchased milling machine, the training by the equipment manufacturer's technical personnel on-site guidance.

Hanpu company carries out equipment operation training


The training started from the site, the manufacturer made a detailed description of the structure and component composition of the new turn-milling composite all-in-one machine, and analyzed some common failures of the equipment, including the matters needing attention in daily inspection. The training adopts the combination of practical operation and explanation, and each participant takes turns to operate the new equipment. Various functions of the new equipment and precautions for the use of the specific operation drills, so that the participants quickly mastered the use of the new equipment. The training site also answered some key questions raised by the relevant personnel in the production workshop.



This training effectively improves the professional skills and work efficiency of the participants, ensures the normal and safe use of equipment, and lays a solid technical foundation for Hanpu productivity in the future. The introduction of advanced production equipment, production technology continues to improve, for the production of high quality, high stability of the product escort.



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